• Message….François Kevorkian

Message….François Kevorkian

Posted Date : 2011/04/11

Greetings to all of my dear friends in Japan,

Even though we are on the other side of the planet, we have watched in utter shock and disbelief, and now greatly concerned about the aftermath of this unspeakable catastrophe that happened in a few brief moments after Japan sustained the biggest earthquake ever recorded there, immediately followed by the giant tsunami which has caused so much devastation, taken so many lives or displaced hundreds of thousands who lost beloved family members as well as their homes and everything else they owned.

So to those who may have loved ones missing or who have lost their lives, please accept my most sincere condolences in these most difficult of times.

More than anything, I have been deeply moved by the way so many residents of the affected areas have reacted to this unprecedented tragedy, with a calm and disciplined show of unity in the face of such tremendous hardship.

Although we cannot be with you at this very moment, you should know that your plight is on our minds all the time, and we will contribute and do whatever we can to help ease all of this suffering. To that effect, in the last few days many of New York City’s clubs and DJs have already organized several successful events and benefits which raised some funds that have been donated to the Japanese Red Cross or other relief organizations.

However more than this, what I feel is important is for all of us to send a message of hope and support, as it clearly will take a great deal of time, resources as well as much effort and sacrifice to rebuild. The strength of spirit that so many Japanese are showing in the wake of the ensuing nuclear nightmare gives me much confidence that in the end they will prevail.

As I will be coming to Japan in a few weeks, I am hopeful that the music I will play will bring comfort and solace to those who need it. To those who may find it helpful, I will make some DJ mixes available online for anyone to stream and download, in hopes that the message they contain can also help in soothing the souls of those in need of some more immediate spiritual relief. (http://www.francois-k.com/japan/)

I can’t wait to be there soon in this time of need, and I hope that somehow I can also contribute a little something back for all that you’ve always given me.

All my love to Japan, my home away from home.

François Kevorkian






音楽の癒しを必要としている人たちに、音楽が持ってるメッセージが直ぐ精神的癒しをもたらしてくれる事を願って、私のDJ Mixを誰でもオンラインでストリーム再生やダウンロード出来るように作りました。